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Why you should stop calling God Mighty Man in battle/War or Consuming Fire”

The idea of calling God “Mighty Man in battle/War” and the “Consuming fire” is an insult to the sovereign nature of God. God is the Father and creator of ALL things living and non living. He has no competitor, Has no battles to fight. Since He fights no battle, why call Him mighty man of battle? Let look at this hypothetical example: If the United state of America,which is the most powerful nation on earth decides to go into war with the republic of Togo and the USA win such a battle, would you call the US a strong nation for defeating Togo in a battle? Ofcourse that would be an insult to the entire military of the United State! You know why? Because in the first place Togo is not a match for the USA in almost every sense.

     Infact, I will even respect and hail the military of the republic of Togo for even having the courage and boldness of going into war with the USA. Just the national Guard of the state of Maryland with all of it financial resources ,top notch technology and latest military equipment/ weapons can effortlessly win that battle not to talk of the entire military might of the most powerful nation on earth with Nukes that can hit any part of the world. But if the USA goes into battle with Great Britain, and Triumph over them, then we can boldly scream that indeed the USA is a mighty a nation in battle and this will stoke fear in the heart of any country, group or persons who tries to harm the United state or any of her citizens or even allies. Why? Because the entire military apparatus of Great Britain and all her allies combined is a worthy challenger to that of the United State and her own allies. But here is the point I’m making, God has no worthy opponent, He has no challenger,He has no competitor,even Lucifer himself( The devil) is a creation of the Most high God. Do you get the point now?

     When you call God “The mighty man in battle” you are not praising Him but rather you are just displaying your ignorance of the deitism and sovereign place of God. He is the “I’m that I’m”( Classless). The prophet Isaiah gave us a soundbite of the sovereign place of God in one of his prophetic epilogue as recorded in Isaiah 40:12, Isaiah 55: 8-9. Jeremiah also shouted out in awe of the infinite nature God in I kings 8:27. Now, the idea of God being a “Consuming” fire, is what I’m yet to understand how we came to that. God is love personified, He is merciful. Fire consumes and destroy,God never does any of that( Luke 9:51-56). We use this titles alot especially among the very battle driven and religious Churches that believe in ancestral curses and all kinds of spiritual battles. In as much this tittle appeals to our senses and hunger for vengeance and revenge on our enemies and those who are evil and doing things we hate,it doesn’t in any sense have any spiritual satisfaction from God. Although you wish God would destroyall your enemies with 🔥, maybe that arm robber, rapist, fraudster or the witch/ wizard in your village according to you, or whatever, God certainly will not. You know why? Because that Person you are asking God to destroy by fire, is also a human being like yourself and a creation of the father who is unfortunate to be used by the devil and needs healing and saving like yourself.

Yes Fire indeed can purify, But nothing Purifies the heart like Love…And God walks with the heart….. and His favourite tool for changing the heart of men is LOVE and MERCY…..An excerpt from my new Book: THE MISREPRESENTED GOD. Coming out soon

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